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A JavaScript library to create highly configurable floating panels, modals, tooltips, hints/notifiers/alerts or contextmenus for use in backend solutions and other web applications.

jsPanels are highly configurable

  • A huge amount of options allows to configure the appearance of a jsPanel
  • Optionally add extra toolbars to header or/and footer sections
  • Support for Boostrap (3 and 4) themes and Material-Design-for-Bootstrap themes is built-in
  • Customize the panel controls with built-in support for icon fonts Font-Awesome, Material-Icons and Glyphicon
  • Built-in support for RTL text direction
  • Use it as standard panel, modal, tooltip, hint/notifier or contextmenu
  • jsPanels are draggable and resizable, can be maximized, minimized and smallified
  • And much more ...

no dependencies

As of version 4.0.0 jsPanel is written in plain JavaScript, all dependencies are removed.

All you need is a modern browser with JavaScript enabled.

It's important to realize that jsPanel v4 doesn't depend on jQuery anymore. This for example means that you cannot use jQuery methods the way you might be used to from previous jsPanel versions.

jsPanel includes the following polyfills:

Most of them are needed to support IE11.

jsPanels are multifunctional

jsPanels are not limited to standard panels. Via extensions a jsPanel can also be used as

The layout extension allows to save/export the document's jsPanels in order to restore the layout.

A dock extension lets lets you dock one or more slave panels to a master panel.

Further the global object jsPanel provides a few convenience methods that might be helpful not only for jsPanels.

  • jsPanel.ajax() for example can be used to request any kind of data for your application
  • A variety of methods to calculate color values